We need a new Account Based Marketing definition…

Growth strong for the account based marketing agency London cluster

We need a new Account Based Marketing definition…

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Before we get into the ABM definition one thing everyone agrees on is that it works. And it works really, really well.

In fact, if you work in enterprise sales with ticket value of over £50k and not using an ABM agency or have managed to integrate your sales and marketing processes and have persona marketing at the very heart of your sales methodology then you are in a great place.

Because if you adopt ABM you will do even better than you are now…

Without doubt ABM is a fascinating and in many ways logical step forward for marketing as an industry, or sales as an industry, we’re not really sure…

ABM fundamentally changing the way outbound works and puts it on steroids allowing you to pipeline and close faster, more efficiently and at scale.

What’s not to love…

The problem is you can’t define account based marketing without also defining sub sets which can be confusing if you’re still getting your head around ABM as a concept.

For example, here’s a list of a few sub, parallel or parent categories, again, we’re not quite sure…

  • Account based Advertising (ABA)
  • Account based Sales (ABS)
  • Account based Experience (ABX)

Yup, we hadn’t heard of them either…

For a fully effective campaign each of these are required to some degree and they are all customer experience focussed (CX, sorry, X’s are cool right now..) in a good way that creates better engagement.

And ABM’s big bet is that better engagement leads to better results.

Why ABM’s Inbound Methodology is important

The old/new/current days were that you identified your potential customers based on a needs have analysis (i.e they need it, we have it) and jump straight into the pipeline in lower middle area because quite possibly the potential customer doesn’t even know they have a problem yet

But that didn’t matter because you were in the water and it was largely a numbers game…

The hidden and unspoken problem was that if you were running an outbound campaign without any inbound methodology, you hit friction and become less effective.

ABM’s inbound methodology resolves this problem by focusing on using the right content at the right time. Which adds another layer to the confusion of what is the correct Account Based Marketing definition

Because now a good ABM kind of looks a lot like a great content marketing agency…

And maybe that’s it.

It’s like a Content Marketing agency is an ABM agency without the total sales integration and results responsibility.

Because no one ever blamed the content marketing agency for not getting the sales…

The reason why all this is so important is that relevant content attracts potential customers at the top of the funnel (TOFU) and instead of being interrupted by a brute force outbound campaign, however well target, they are engaging with your company and brand on their terms.

So maybe the bar room definition of Account Based Marketing is that it’s when sales and marketing both truly understands the value of each others role and decide to work together with a little extra help from the IT depart further than upgrading the salesforce plugins.

Or the other way round, we’re not quite sure…

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