How Persona Marketing will eat us all

How Persona Marketing will eat us all

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Right now the modern B2B sales agencies working in the central London ABM cluster is feeling pretty pleased with itself. The ABM category is booming, there’s growing awareness of the benefits which is bringing in new clients easier and faster and the technical software and platforms to do it at scale are getting better and cheaper.

And one of the key reasons for this is ABM agencies are increasingly mastering the skill of identifying personas and customising the message to have greater appeal. This both increases the value and results for their clients and – if they eat their own dog food – their own new client win rates.

But like all new technologies, the trickle down effect is increasingly happening faster and faster. And Persona at consumer level for every day communications will trickle down incredibly faster

What is Persona?

Persona Marketing refers to the technique of identifying a buyer persona which is a approximate representation of your “Ideal Customer” based on market research and data from your existing customers.

When creating your buyer persona, you would include customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals in as much detail as you can while still being efficient with your time, providing you with structure and insight which will help you determine where to focus your time.

And all these persona practises established by the ACM and software developers will be coming to your personal life very, very soon.

Let’s now explain how this will happen…

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Gmail goes persona

First Spell Check, then Persona Check

We’ve all got incredibly used to a free spell check based into our email provider, for example google suite and gmail. Very soon we’ll see a google labs or google extension giving persona tips very similar to enterprise level premium software used by ABM agencies right now. For Google to implement this is a relative simple procedure because they both have the computing power and are doing it right now for Adsense and general semantic intelligence.

So get ready for the “Your mother generally responses better to friendly and long detailed emails” pop up from your helpful email provider.

If ever there was a ready made premium product for the mass market its persona based mkt for online dating. Tinder and all large scale dating platforms have both the ability to track response rates and depth and semantic understanding to easily guide you into a more successful first time message.

So at some point expect to see this as a feature or as a fresh new app startup sometime soon and be ready for the words: “John responses exceptionally well to short concise sentences mentioning Beer, Crystal Palace and beers sometime”

Fake news gets personal

We’ve all read the uproar over Fake News and the wrongly perception in our opinion that this is in any sense a new thing but what is new is the ability to distribute it at scale through social networks when previously news sources numbered far less and were much more easy to validate as having legit if bias opinion. What will happen at some point is this fake news – and real news with a bias or undeclared objective – will have the ability to both target demographics that the message will resonant with and do additionally persona marketfy (new word there…) that message at a personal level.

And that is quite scary if you are already concerned about the internet echo chambers as they are now.

Persona Marketing will eat us all

How Persona Marketing will eat us all

Te obvious out take of all this is at some point who will we really be communicating with and how do we express our real personality. Quick pre scripted or canned responses are already a baked in feature of Linkedin and a popular extension for gmail and the logical conclusion is that this develops into light weight persona marketing as part of the core product. Once this is pushed as a key feature or even USP by mass market platforms we’ll see a new hybrid human – machine learning communication dialect develop where people increasingly only receive communications in the manner they are most likely to response to and that in turn shapes their persona.

So right now enjoy your click bait because it probably is targeted at you but at least it hasn’t got the exact word weight and syntax you can’t resist just yet.

Because in some quite conceivable near distant future, Persona Marketing will eat us all.

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