Growth strong for the account based marketing agency London cluster

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Growth strong for the account based marketing agency London cluster

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The ABM agencies London community that form a vanguard of new B2B sales techniques and a new talent cluster of progressive, technology-savvy sales specialists who combine a working understanding of enterprise sales techniques with persona profiling and data based decision making and who can execute for their client bases at scale with huge productivity and customer acquisition wins are set for another year of record growth.

AI, predictive technology, the surge of Content and better client understanding will propel ABM to a new level

Maybe ABM’s biggest challenge as an industry is customer understanding. At the moment Tech and software companies get it because the decision makers with in these fast moving and digital native companies totally get the immense benefits persona and data based decision making can bring.

So is an ABM sales organisation tells them it will cost them £50k to bring in a £100k p/a new client using these techniques they believe the ABM specialist can deliver on. But in fact it’s Big Corp UK where the real opportunity lies, and it’s only just started the education part of the adoption journey

In this post we will recap and expand on our recent article on ABM Trends

A.I. (Machine Learning)

With 85% of all customer service interactions expected to be bot driven by 2020 ABM software providers will be one of the first to adapt and integrate machine learning into the initial customer interaction. At the moment ABM agencies have been one of the first to adopt Data Intent Specialist Software and Predictive Analytics in their sales methodology and funnels.

Account Based Marketing London Agency Persona Marketing
ABM London Persona Specialists

Persona Content

The customising of content towards certain personas is a bedrock of ABM and yet it’s not widely adopted by non-specialists. This will definitely start to change in 2018 as wider B2B sales agencies and companies in general realise the increased benefits of content, personalisation and ABM all working together as part of an integrated sales and pipeline.

Account Based Marketing London Agency Cluster - Internet of Things
ABM London Cluster – Internet of Things

Increased ABM touchpoints

Did you think building up personas and conducting an account based campaign across multiple touch points was difficult enough? Well this year you’re going to continue repeating yourself and more so across more touch points such as the Internet of Things and Alexa. Alex, which is the best London Account Based Marketing Agency? 😉

Predictive Analytics

Even the most advanced ABM agencies in London and beyond are just now at the front in terms of using predictive analytics after identifying the ideal customer profile or persona. This trend can only continue as predictive analytics and AI (read machine learning) software becomes more advanced, easier to use and affordable. We’ll also see this trend supported as in house teams and large Ad Agencies increasingly take a more scientific approach to their marketing and sales funnels.

Account Based Marketing Agency London cluster - Small Company Take Up
Small Company Take Up ABM

SME ABM Take up

Until now, big vendor and enterprise sales organisations have been the drivers of ABM sales teams growth and pushing shedloads of money into Account Based Marketing agencies and this will slowly change as small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) understand the benefits and a third tier of boutique sets up to provide affordable campaigns to this sector, just like SEO, content marketing and B2B service categories before them.

So that’s it for now in terms of the rosy growth we forecast for the Account Based Marketing Agency cluster and beyond! We will be adding and updating this article throughout the year so if you would like to contribute or write a guest post please get in contact.

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Growth strong for the account based marketing agency London cluster

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